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All electrical wiring deteriorates with time, it is essential to test all fixed wires regularly to ensure complete compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations.

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fixed electrical testing glasgow

Our fully accredited electricians have the knowledge and experience to perform both visual and electrical tests that ensure the safest and most secure practices possible. Our industry-qualified engineers search for any potentially dangerous defects within the system that could otherwise lead to fire or injury.

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With our electricians experience, we offer fast and efficient repair and can identify potential future problems ahead of time, preventing them from developing any further. The comprehensive fixed electrical testing service we offer keeps you fully compliant without disrupting your workplace any more than is strictly necessary.

Fixed Electrical Testing Scotland

A few years ago fixed electrical testing was generally taken place every 5 years. However, guidance and regulations have stated that electrical installations should not be left without maintenance for periods of five years between inspections. Because of this and the fact that most businesses do not have any staff who could be classified as qualified in electrical inspections, there is now a requirement for annual visual inspections, building up to a full test inspection test over a 5 year period.

As with pat testing you should take a cautious approach to how often you carry out inspections on equipment and fuse boards. If the general public or employees are going to be within these areas then you should carry out inspections more regularly.

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