Have you considered outdoor lighting for your home?

Outdoor lighting has so many advantages for your home, on both a functional and aesthetic level It also has practical benefits, such as being able to see when you come home at night after work, and keeping your home secure from the risk of burglars.

Ambience, Variety and a Perfectly Lit Garden Area

On an aesthetic level, outdoor lighting really complements certain garden features, bringing focus on elements you’re really proud of , making the most of your outdoor space. From led lights giving a low-level glow, to a set of fairy lights streaming down from a gazebo roof, with a little ingenuity you can create a playful or romantic mood, whatever takes your fancy.

Garden Walls Need Some Illumination Too

For more ingenious ideas, how about placing lights on your garden wall? You can install lighting in the form of hanging lanterns to mounting discs, square shaped lights or even spotlights. If you choose LED bulbs, you’ll find lights last longer with less power consumption.

Patios and Garden Decking

Of course, your patio is an ideal place in which to place some lights. With the right lights placed in all of the right places you can illuminate whatever you want, such as underneath an outdoor seating area, or where you’re likely to serve food. You can also light any steps leading to your garden decking. You can get easy plug and play lights which are a dawdle to install. These are great in all weather conditions and are extremely resilient..

Upgrade what you already have

Keep in mind that if you already have lighting in your garden and it’s starting to look a bit tired, we can help you upgrade it to a level that’s more in keeping with any other changes you’ve made to your garden. Our team of experts - who are all trained and qualified - can help you to bring your garden up to speed with current trends and whilst give it a refreshing new look.

GW Electrics for the Best in Quality Garden Lighting

At GW Electrics we consult with our clients to ensure they get exactly what they want. We always offer professional and effective installation, so if you’re looking to install LED outdoor lighting, or are thinking of upgrading your current outdoor lights, give us a call. We’re a friendly bunch and we’re always on hand to give you the help you need to illuminate your garden in the best way possible.