Is your business up to date with (EICR) Electricity at Work Regulations?

If you run or manage a business, you should be aware of the Electricity at Work Regulations, or EICR as it’s better known. If you’re unsure about this, then this is an ideal opportunity for you to learn and understand how important this is. An EICR is a comprehensive report that tells you all about your electrical appliances and systems and explains any potential electrical problems which need looking at. This is so that your business, and more importantly both you and your staff, are safe from any electrical hazards.

When does an EICR need carried out?

An EICR report is required by a business or landlord who manages a rented property, commercial or residential. It’s important for insurance reasons, because without it it’ll cost you far more in the long run. By testing electrical equipment and fuse boards for any anomalies you are covering the requirements of the EICR. There is special importance placed on more heavily used equipment for obvious reasons, after all, all equipment is prone to wear and tear, especially those that are used more frequently. As you’ll probably know the safety and security of all staff who work for you, or tenants, if you’re a landlord are your priority. Electrical testing of the kind we’ve been talking about should take place on an annual basis.

A quick preliminary check is fine, as long as you follow it up with a call to an electrician to carry out a full inspection

You can carry out a visual test yourself, checking for frayed wiring and loose plugs, but we must stress that this is not the same as a full inspection carried out by a fully qualified professional. This is essential, and the electrician you hire must be qualified, trained and be a member of a government approved scheme. By using an electrician who is accredited and fully trained you’re guaranteed a good job, a trustworthy inspection and the knowledge that all of your electricals are in good working order.

Fixed electrical testing is constantly being improved, tightened and renewed

Newer regulations and guidance are always being upgraded as they become much more stringent, and if you fail to comply, you’ll be committing an offence, which could lead to your imprisonment. Only use accredited and trusted electricians to carry out an EICR report and you’ll know you’re on the right track in terms of the safety and security of the people you’re responsible for.

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