Thinking Of Updating Your Interior Lighting in 2019?

If you’re thinking of updating your interior lighting this year you’ve come to the right place. At GW Electrics we’ve a fantastic range of styles, and we ensure we provide all of our customers with a thorough design consultation, so that you make the right choice of lighting for your home, or business space. When you include installation, we believe our interior lighting service is extremely comprehensive.

We work with a range of customers

We serve a variety of different clients including landlords, homeowners and various different sized businesses. We take pride in the versatility, professionalism and thoroughness of our service, and no matter how complex, no interior lighting job is ever beyond our trained and experienced team who have significant knowledge, expertise and professionalism to deliver an outstanding service with the minimum of fuss.

What interior lighting styles are popular at the moment?

One of the most exciting trends we’re seeing right now is minimalist lighting. Straight lines combined with the use of natural materials is becoming extremely popular. Using re-purposed materials can create something really special, and with the right kind of technology and effective design you can deliver interior lighting that captures the imagination. We can also create some straightforward designs - with your help - which combine sophisticated materials such as marble or wood and even concrete. They’re simple, yet very exciting, with the right amount of elegance and simplicity. And they can be extremely energy efficient too.

Sophisticated technology meets period classics

We can mine the past and reference it in your lighting. We’re talking sophisticated technology and the use of period materials. Think Art Deco or Art Nouveau, Victorian or 1940’s elegance. For example, lamps can be made with opulent beads, mirrors or jewels and memorabilia from a different period. Combining a richj history with modern lighting installation, creates something totally unique.

Creating futuristic lighting

We can take a modern or industrial setting and experiment with more artistic designs, unusual shapes and bases. Another idea is to try different types of metals, such as brass, chrome, copper or gold, mixing and matching these for more striking combinations, or use them individually. You could alternatively choose something more romantic using softer colours and textiles combined with pastels and gentler, more subdued materials.

GW Electrics – for interior lighting installations that suit your personal style

So, now that you know what we can do for your home in terms of sophisticated, reliable bespoke lighting installations, we’re hoping you’ll get in touch so we can start working on your interior lighting. Now that you know the kind of designs that are hot for 2019, you can decide what works best for you. Get in touch today and let’s start planning your lighting installations for the coming year.