The importance of Portable Appliance Testing

Portable Applicance Testing (PAT) is important and we’re going to be spending some time today explaining why and what it is exactly. Whether you’re an employer or a landlord you have responsibilities to the people you serve, and naturally, you want a safe environment for them to live and work in.

So, what is Portable Appliance Testing?

This is a term which describes the detailed examination and testing of electrical appliances. This is done so they’re deemed to safe for use. They’re tested to detect defects in electrical appliances, as these are not often captured by the naked eye. Yes, visual examination is important, but testing is too, so they’re both used in tandem.

Can You Carry Out A PAT Test?

Only a qualified and competent person can carry out PAT testing. That is a qualified and trained electrician. This person needs to be competent enough to carry out the job efficiently without endangering anyone’s safety, and they must have sufficient training and knowledge. They’ll also need the right equipment, the ability to carry out the tests themselves, the correct way, and then be able translate the results and convey this to the client.

PAT Testing is Vitally Important

If you run a business or you’re a property landlord, then it’s important that you have PAT testing carried out, regularly. It isn’t specified in the Electricity at Work Regulations of 1989 how often you have it done, but the frequency of how often it’s done, largely depends on what type of equipment is used and the kind of environment it’s being used in.

How Much Is Your Equipment Used?

Frequency of testing is largely determined by how much you use your equipment. If you use something regularly as part of your job, then naturally it’s going to need testing regularly, whereas if you’re a landlord supplying a table lamp then that won’t need testing as often, but a stove will, as it’s used more frequently. However, as a rule of thumb, it’s best to have all electrical appliances tested on an annual basis to ensure they’re safe to use.

PAT Testing Saves Lives

Don’t be under the illusion that it’s a fuss about nothing. PAT testing can save lives and there are enough case studies to prove this. If you don’t PAT test regularly, then you could be placing your staff or your tenants at risk of a life-threatening accident, so don’t leave it to chance.

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