5 signs that your home needs rewired

How will you know if your home needs rewiring? Today, we’ve come up with our most comprehensive guide yet on how to recognise the signs, that way you avoid the accidents that can happen when you have faulty wiring.

Firstly, a quick fire session on what to look out for:

Signs of wear – do your sockets look broken or worn out? Perhaps they’re the old-fashioned type you don’t see any more which are always a danger sign. Any visible wiring? That’s a sign of damage that needs to be fixed prior to use.

If you find sockets in the corners of rooms or if they’re warm or hot, that’s is a bad sign. Whatever you do, don’t use them and have them replaced with something more recent and safe.

When yo have sockets in the corners of rooms, it’s also a sign that no wiring work has been done for a long time. You’ll probably find there aren’t enough sockets, in which case you’ll need to have more fitted by a reputable and reliable electrician.

Are bulbs failing too often? Or perhaps they’re flickering more than they should, this is always a bad sign.

Take a look at your fuse box, is it fitted on a wooden panel and does it look old and worn? Also look out for black rubber wiring, switches made from heavy cast iron, all signs that your wiring system is old, tired and desperately in need of replacing.

Once you’ve gone through your house looking for the signs that your house may need rewiring, then it’s time to get in touch with a reputable electrician. You need to prepare yourself for a certain degree of upheaval. Most electricians, ourselves included, try very hard to make sure we never leave a mess behind us once we’ve finished, however there is going to be a certain amount of disruption so it’s good to prepare yourself. Some people move out while the rewiring is going ahead, and come back once the job is completed. There’ll be dust, so it’s best to cover up furniture and hide valuables or breakables until the job is done. However, we do use modern tools which are great for attaching to vacuums, so we deal with the dust as we go along – thus leaving less mess at the end.

There’ll probably be a certain amount of cleaning up after we’ve finished, but nowhere near as much you think. What you will have in the end is a home that’s safe to live in and where you’re not liable to have an accident when you switch the lights on. That’s one disruption that’s worth living with.

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Do you think your home needs rewiring? Then why not get in touch with us here at GW Electrics and one of our team can talk you through it. We can come to your home and see what needs doing and give you a personalised quote, so don’t ignore the signs, give us a call today.