Tips for Choosing an Electrical Contractor

Are you looking for an electrical contractor? If so, then you’ll need to do your homework first. It can be a nightmare trying to find someone who is both trustworthy and qualified. Don’t leave it to chance because you could end up with dodgy work and more expense. With this in mind, today’s post is about tips for choosing an electrical contractor, someone who you know will do the job well and leave your home safe from harm.

There are key things to consider when choosing an electrical contractor

The key things you need to remember is to know what you want before you book someone, search for an electrical contractor via friends, word of mouth recommendations and online searches. Check references and whether they’re insured, get free estimates from at least three contractors, once you’ve whittled it down to the best ones, and get it all down in writing. 

Make sure you have a clear plan and a budget

Before you start your search are you clear on what you need doing? Make sure you have a clear plan and a budget in place on what you can afford to spend. Once you have that to hand and you know what you want, you can start searching for your ideal contractor.

Word-of-mouth recommendations

Start your search with friends and word-of-mouth recommendations. The best are always on people’s lips and are recommended because they’re good. This is probably one of the best ways of finding someone, and you can also see the work yourself, ask how long it took, and what they were like to deal with. You’ll get a pretty good idea of what you’re going to get and whether this is someone you can work with.

Whittle your list down to a favourite three and then ask for a free no-obligation proposal/quote

Whittle down your electrical contractors down to around three. Once you’ve narrowed it down to that essential three figure number, ask for a written proposal of what they offer. We say written down, because you want to see what you’re getting for what you pay for. You don’t want them changing the goal posts later, and you want a clear breakdown of what they’re going to do and what’s included in the price.

Online searches

It doesn’t hurt to try and do an online search as well. Find someone who’s got clear testimonials and perhaps pictures of their work, find people on there you can email to confirm their testimonials if possible.

Trade associations and guilds

You also want to see if they’re members of an association or trade/guild. This means they’ve had to qualify and train to a certain standard before joining, so this is a good sign. If they name the trade association they belong to, check it out to see if they’re registered.

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