Electrician's Tips – Electrical Advice For Travellers

Depending on how often and how much you travel, you may be unaware that the way you use electrical equipment differs in other countries, there are differences in voltage levels, and plugs and sockets are also different to the ones we use in the UK.

Electricity safety standards also vary in other countries, so it pays to be cautious when when you go abroad. Today, we’re going to be looking at how you can keep yourself safe in another country when using electrical appliances, and what you can buy to help use them safely.

Simple Rules to Help You Avoid Electrical Accidents Abroad

You can follow some simple rules when you’re abroad to help avoid electrical accidents and some of them are listed here, they’re common sense rules that you’d follow when you’re at home:

  • Never touch anything electrical when your hands are wet

  • Never touch anything electrical if it appears damaged in any way

  • Never use electrical appliances in the bathroom

  • Always check the travel adapter you’ve brought with you, so it’s the right one.

You need to do a quick check before you go abroad to see which type of voltage and which type of sockets are used in that particular country. Buy travel adaptors and some voltage converters before you get there, you don’t want to be caught out without the right equipment once you’re there.

You can use your own electrical appliances abroad but do check the voltage and socket you’ll need, in all likelihood you’ll need a travel adaptor. Sometimes a voltage transformer is required because of the frequency, it could make some appliances work faster or slower than they would normally.

Use Your Electrical Appliances Abroad by Using a Travel Adaptor

A travel adaptor is used when you’re abroad and you need to use an electrical appliance. Often, sockets will need one pin less than the 3 used in the UK, and a travel adaptor will have these pins on them so you can still use your hairdryer, straighteners etc. A travel adaptor is a useful device but it won’t convert the voltage or the frequency.

Make Sure You Buy Your Travel Adaptor Before You Leave

There are lot of different travel adaptors you can buy, but you’ll always need to check the country you’re visiting first so you can purchase the right one. You can get travel adaptors which you can use in more than one country – these are quite handy and avoid the need to use more than one when you travel.

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