Electrical Safety This Christmas

Millions of UK Homes at Risk of Fire This Christmas

New research has revealed that over three-quarters of Brit's homes are at risk this Christmas from potential electrical faults and Christmas lights being over-populated in the house. Studies highlight that 9 in 10 homes this year will be getting their house and garden decorated with festive joy and it was also revealed that 4 in 5 Brits admit over-doing it when it comes to putting the decorations up. However, that’s where the risk springs up as nearly half of homeowners have never had their electrics tested and can't recall when they were last checked. Most electrical issues are easily preventable in homes by getting your electrics regularly checked by a suitable, registered electrician.

Electrical safety in homes is very important all year round no matter what season, but at Christmas we seem to forget that all decoration lights we use around our homes increase the dangers to our family's and pets. You may have been consistently using the same faithful Christmas lights year in and out without any bother, however, what people are oblivious to that these faithful lights have a sell by date and will need to be replaced after that date expires to reduce faults occurring.

5 Things You Should Be Aware of When Dealing With Electrics This Christmas:

  • Don't overload sockets – Reduce plugging multiple extensions into one another, only use one adaptor per one socket, do not plug one adaptor into another and trying to keep using one plus per socket.

  • Do not re-wire your lights – Do not attempt to rewire your lights, this is dangerous and could lead to a potential fire cause.

  • Don't leave lights on – Many homeowners are tempted to leave their lights on 24-7 or just simply forget to unplug them at night or when they leave the house. Lights should only be switched on or plugged in whilst homeowner is at home to reduce the risk of plugs over-heating or faults occurring.

  • Use Christmas lights that have been certified for use – The European Standards Symbol and British Standard Kitemarks identify this, if in doubt or unsure do not use them.

  • Ensure outside lights are certified and safe for external use – Make sure the lights you use are specifically meant to be used for outdoors. If unsure check the manufacturer's instructions.

Don't Overload Sockets

The main problem for homeowners at Christmas is over-populating sockets with extension cables to fit the garden lights in as well as the indoor plugs. Homeowners need to be aware of not using an adaptor that uses more than 13 amps of current and should to restrict the amount of strain on their house systems

GW Electrics - Experienced Electricians

If you’re unsure whether your Christmas lights are safe to use this year, and you do not want to buy new ones, or you're unsure of the lights you've just bought, then get in touch. Here at GW Electrics our electricians in Glasgow have many years experience dealing with electrical safety and our team are all qualified and trained.