Electricians Energy Saving Tips in the Home

If you want your home to produce the same amount of energy but use less, then you’ve come to the right place. In this week’s post we’re going to be providing you with Tips to save energy in your home.

Energy efficiency is different to conservation which means actually going without a service in order to preserve energy. This is slightly different, although as well as saving you money it too can also be good for the environment and help reduce CO2 emissions.

Energy prices are without doubt rising and it’s a perfect time to see how you can reduce the energy you use and help save on heating bills.

Let There Be Light

To start with energy saving light bulbs which use at least up to 80% less energy than conventional bulbs. It can produce the same amount of light but at less wattage, and with them lasting longer you save money in the long run.

Washing Machines

Why not turn down the temperature of your wash to 30 degrees because it uses much less energy and still gets your clothes clean.

Tumble Dryers

Don’t overload your tumble dryers, it’s much cheaper to make sure they’re full and used less than using several half empty loads, which uses more energy. However, if you can live without a tumble dryer even better, because a washing line or clothes horse is much better for the environment.


Again, make sure your dishwashers are filled up and used less frequently, rather than more half loads, because a half load and a full one both use the same amount of energy, so cut back on how many times you use it.


Kettles could be used less, so don’t over fill them.

Fridge Freezer

Buy one with an energy saving logo on it if you’re about to buy a new one. You could save money on your electricity bill each year by purchasing an energy saving fridge or freezer.

Switching Off

Don’t leave your electrical appliances on standby, when you’re not using them, switch them off. If you leave them switched on, they emit CO2.

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