Reduce the risk of fire death with smoke detectors

A smoke detector can make all the difference in saving a life, however if they haven’t been installed correctly, or they aren’t working as they should, then it could spell disaster. Smoke alarms save people’s lives so having them correctly installed and regularly maintained is an absolutely must.

What type of smoke alarm should you choose?

You want a smoke alarm with a recognised quality brand and one that offers an interconnected alarm. A single device detects smoke and alerts all the smoke alarms so they go off, giving ample opportunity to leave the building.

Battery or Hard-Wire Smoke Alarms

If you choose a battery powered smoke detector, check it regularly. If you choose a hard-wired alarm, you’ll find that they’re backed up by batteries, so they’ll work even when there’s a power cut, but checking them regularly in the same way as battery powered alarms is still recommended.

Photoelectric or Ionization

You’ll find the choices don’t end there though, you can also choose from between photoelectric and ionisation smoke detectors. The difference is that ionisation alarms will detect fire flames while photoelectric will sense smouldering fires, if you err on the side of caution and get both you’ll get the best of both worlds. If there’s someone in your home who’s slightly deaf you can purchase smoke alarms with bed shakers or strobe lights.

Installing a Smoke Detector

If you’re wondering where to install a smoke detector, it may be a good idea to place on in each room and one on each floor of your house, including the basement. Mount them on the ceiling, because the higher they are, the quicker they’ll detect smoke.

It’s a good idea not to have them in the kitchen as this is the one area where there’ll always be a certain amount of smoke from cooking. Any alarm should be around 10 ft away from any cooking appliances.

When an smoke detector goes off your family should have an agreed meeting place outside, such as the front garden, so you can make sure you’re all accounted for. Respond quickly once you hear the smoke alarm go off and never re-enter once you’ve left the house.

Electricians in Glasgow For Smoke Alarm Installation

If you need any further advice and guidance on what we’ve discussed today, then get in touch with us here at GW Electrics. We can answer your questions on smoke detectors and provide any assistance if required.