Your Guide to PAT Testing

If you until now you've been unsure as to what exactly PAT testing is, we're going to spend some time in this post describing what it is, and why it's so important.

It's Important to Live and Work Safely

Whether you work in an office, manage a department or building, or live in a rented apartment, you may have heard about PAT Testing. PAT Testing is carried out on appliances to see they are working appropriately and safely. In a rented apartment this would happen if any of the appliances you were using belonged to your landlord. It is up to him to ensure that anything you use that belongs to him is safe for you to use and not likely to cause an accident.

In an office the same applies again, any appliances must be tested so your staff are not in any danger when they use them, things such as exposed wires, or ill fitting plugs are a danger. Once they've been tested and considered safe to use, they will be given a sticker.

PAT testing is Required Because of Many Accidents in the Past

The Health and Safety Executive has reported recently that there are too many accidents due to electrical related injuries. Many of them are fatal. To prevent this, it is important that all appliances are tested so they are safe.

It is a Legal Requirement

It is a legal requirement to ensure that there is no danger to anyone due to poorly maintained systems.

So PAT testing is a precautionary measure required by law to make sure you're safe from harm when you're using anything that requires electricity.

The equipment to be tested will be anything that is permanently connected to an electricity supply or items that require a plug to a socket.

If you are a boss or head of a large organisation or a landlord you have a responsibility to the people living in your building. You must make sure that appliances you provide are safe to use. A PAT test will be the answer.

What will the PAT test involve?

A visual inspection will be carried out by a competent fully qualified and experienced electrician. All electrical installations, and appliances needing an electricity supply will be tested.

It is important that those carrying out the work are competent and have the knowledge and skills needed to carry out such testing. The best place to find a good electrician is one who is registered with a government approved scheme. Here in Scotland a certified list of appropriately qualified electricians can be accessed online.

PAT Testing by Registered Electricians in Glasgow

Here at GW Electrics we have many years experience as electricians. We are a team of knowledgeable and skilled tradesmen and we've carried out a lot of PAT testing in Glasgow, on behalf of both domestic and commercial clients. You can be rest assured that we are registered and qualified electricians, and ready to carry your out PAT testing safely and securely.

If you have any questions regarding this or any other related question, then do please get in touch.