Tips to Avoid Electrical Fires

What can you do to avoid electrical fires? It may be something that's constantly at the back of your mind, after all electrical fires can be fatal, so it's only natural you're concerned. In the news and in the newspapers, at regular intervals we hear about another tragic house fire. To avoid terrible accidents such as this, today we're going to look at how you can avoid electrical fires.

What can we do to stay safe around electricity?

Always check your wiring, don't take it for granted that wires will continue to be safe to use, a rewiring should be carried out every 10 years. If you've moved into a new property then you should have them checked before you move in. If you don't own your own home, then the landlord should have that done for you. They must meet the national standard BS 7671.

Check Sockets

Be proactive and check your sockets regularly, any signs like heat or burn marks should be enough warning for you to call in a fully qualified and registered electrician.

Never Leave Anything Plugged in Overnight

When you're not using your electrical equipment, put it away safely. Don't leave it on overnight as it could overheat and cause a fire while you sleep.

Unplug Hand Held Items

Always unplug hand held electrical devices when not in use, they can get hot and so can the plug, this is a sure sign that you need to take it out of the socket. If they're near a pair of curtains, they could catch fire.

Check Ratings

Always check the rating of the electrical adaptor with new plug appliances. The current used should not exceed the adaptors rating. If you smell burning and you're not sure where it's coming from, then call the fire service immediately, it could be the difference between stopping a fire before it starts.

No Overloading of Sockets

Anything overloaded, especially on an extension lead, could start a fire, look out for appliances with high electrical currents because if they become heated from having been placed on an overloaded extension lead, then it could start a fire.

There are some things you should never do and we've listed them here:

  1. Never place a cover over the air vent on a fan or storage heater

  2. Never leave cables lying around where someone can trip

  3. Never exceed the wattage on anything

  4. Never cover the fusebox or meter with clothes or other storage.

Fire Service

The fire service will come round free of charge to carry out a fire risk check and they can give you some excellent advice on fire safety. Make sure you have a smoke alarm in your home, it could save a life.

Make sure you have a fire blanket and a fire extinguisher in your kitchen where you can find it easily. You can reduce the risk of fire by never letting cables from appliances near the cooker, even when it's off. Fat and grease can catch fire very easily – so make sure everything is clean. Always turn the cooker off when you have finished.

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