Student Electrical Safety Guide

If you're a student and you're living away from home for the first time, then there are plenty of things you won't have experienced before, such as looking after a house on your own or as part of a group of other students.

Electricity and gas are there to keep you warm, help cook your food and provide you with hot water. You use it, they bill you and you pay for what you use. However, what's equally important is that you understand the dangers that come with electricity and gas. It's important to stay safe as an accident can be life threatening. In this post our electrician in Glasgow will focus on electricity an how you can stay safe while you're a student.

Check That Everything is as it Should Be When You Move In

When you move in check all the sockets and and the appliances that come with the property. Are they set up properly? Ask whether the appliances and wiring has been checked prior to you moving in. They should be checked by an electrician first before someone moves into a new property or at least before the last tenants.

Smoke Alarms

Is there a smoke alarm? You need to test it as soon you move in and if it doesn't work then ask for a replacement. Alarms should be tested regularly throughout the year. Make sure that it is.

Call in a Qualified Electrician in Glasgow

If you see a problem, whatever you do don't try and fix it yourself, you could make it worse. Any electrical issues are your landlord's problem and they should get an electrician in Glasgow to sort out any problems, big or small. It's really important to check for any damage to cables, plugs and look out for any screws, signs of burning or overheating or any loose parts. Also keep an eye out for flickering lights, tripping fuses and any scorching or burning around sockets.

No Drinking While Cooking

Hilarious as it sounds don't cook when you're drunk, this is how accidents happen and never leave anything on top of your microwave.

Keep in mind that your landlord is the one responsible for making sure your electrical installations are kept in good and serviceable condition.

Survey Reveals Frightening Results on Electrical Accidents

Electrical Safety First conducted a survey and their results are disturbing. Apparently 1 in 4 students will experience faulty electrics in their privately rented houses/flats. Also only 37% of landlords fail to fix any faulty wiring, and another 35% haven't made any attempt to resolve condensation, damp and flooding incidents that involve electrics.

It is no wonder then that so many students are involved in accidents with electricity. It clearly isn't always the fault of the student, as landlord's seem reluctant to meet their end of the bargain by making sure all electrical wiring, appliances etc. are in good condition and safe to use.

It's clear that students need to be extra vigilant and make sure that their landlords are doing everything in their power to make sure their accommodation is safe to live in.

EICR – The Installation Report

On a final note, make sure you ask your landlords about EICR which is an Electrical Installation Condition Report which should be carried out on a regular basis. Testing of the electrical installations should be carried out every 5 years by a registered electrician.

Student Safety With GW Electrics – Expert Electricians in Glasgow

Worried about electrical safety in your home? Are you concerned with the electrical safety of your rented house? Get in touch with us or ask your landlords to get in touch with us, we are registered electricians in Glasgow and all our members are trained, qualified and experienced to carry out electrical jobs including an EICR.