A Electrical Safety Advice for Landlords and Tenants

It's important to make sure your rented property is safe for your tenants. Electrical safety is of course of paramount importance and in this week's post we're going to take a look at how you can keep your tenants safe during their tenancy in your property.

Remember, that if you fail to keep up the standard of your rented accommodation it could result in a hefty fine of up to £20,000.

What do you have to do to make sure your apartments are in tip top electrical condition?

  • All electrical installations and wiring must be in good condition, and stay that way

  • A registered electrician must inspect the property, and those with multiple occupation, at least every 5 years

  • If you have appliances belonging to you (the landlord), please make sure they work and they're checked by an electrician prior to use

  • All appliances and installations should be checked every 10 years.

Some Interesting Facts

  1. Did you know that over 1 million people are currently waiting for a landlord to resolve an electrical issue?

  2. And that almost 2 million have reported electrical faults to their landlords, only to have them ignored

  3. Amazingly, almost half of all landlords and tenants are unsure as to is responsible for electrical safety in rented properties.

As you can imagine this is a situation that's out of control and is of grave concern, millions of landlords across Britain are putting themselves in financial risk and more importantly, placing their tenants in danger.

Electrical Accidents Which Shouldn't Be Happening

Each year there are over 300,000 serious injuries as a result of electrical accidents and half of all house fires are caused by electric faults. A serious electric shock is what awaits a tenant if their landlord has not done everything in their power to ensure the tenants well-being. The situation could easily deteriorate further if landlords refuse to be more diligent when it comes to electrical safety.

A clear lack of understanding is what is at the heart of this issue, leading to important aspects of electrical safety being ignored.

It is clearly the landlord's responsibility, by law, that all electrical installations and wiring are maintained in a manner that ensures the safety of the tenant. If you're about to move into an apartment, a house either as a single tenant or as part of a multiple occupancy then you need to make sure your living accommodation has been checked by an electrician.

If you're landlord then you need to make sure all installations, wiring, appliances etc. have been checked prior to a new tenant moving in, and for a tenant who's occupied the property for a while must still have their electrical installations, appliances and wiring etc. checked every 5 years.

It's important, that as a landlord, you understand completely the responsibility you have towards your tenants, maintaining safety checks, and making sure they're carried out by an approved electrician.

Landlord Electrical Safety – Premier Registered Electrician Glasgow

If you're still unsure what you're responsibilities are as landlord, or you're a tenant who is suspicious that not all is as it should be with regards to your wiring, then contact us and talk to one of our team.

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