Commercial Rewiring FAQ

Degraded or damaged wires can pose a serious risk in a commercial premises. They can start fires, cause death by electrocution, or be a tripping hazard. Even if no one is seriously hurt, an incident involving faulty electrical wiring can have serious ramifications for your business. It can damage your reputation, lose you staff, and have financial consequences.

Scottish businesses and commercial property landlords need to be aware of the condition of the wiring in their property. Here’s everything you need to know about rewiring in Glasgow.

Why do I need to rewire my premises?

Rewiring in Glasgow may need to be carried out to prevent the obvious safety issues. It can also have practical benefits for your premises, allowing you to redesign your fixtures and fittings to create a more usable environment. You could also take the opportunity to have an electrician in Glasgow install energy-saving measures, such as LED lighting.

On top of this, having your premise rewired by a professional ensures that you are complying with the necessary regulations. It will inspire confidence in prospective tenants or building visitors such as your employees or the general public.

Does my commercial premises need rewiring?

While avoiding rewiring may see you in breach of other safety laws, there are no specific guidelines covering when a commercial premises needs to be rewired. It is it within your best interests to have a property with outdated or damaged electrics rewired, however. If the casing on your wires has degraded, lights or sockets have stopped working, or the premises has been recently flooded, you should think about contacting an electrician in Glasgow as soon as possible.

How can I tell how old the wiring in my premises is?

If you know that your building is particularly old, and that it hasn’t been rewired to your knowledge, there are a few things you can look for.

Before the 1960s cables were often coated in fabric, lead, or black rubber. These types of cables haven’t been used for several decades now. If you find these in your building it is a good sign that the property’s electrics haven’t been upgraded in a very long time.

Other indicators of old electrics are if your fuse box has a wooden back or cast iron switches, if you have round light switches, or your power sockets are brown and black.

Will an electrician in Glasgow have to rewire the whole building?

It is not always necessary for rewiring to be carried out on the entire building. Sometimes it may just be a part of the electrics which needs replacing. A full rewiring can be disruptive to your business so it is worth checking the possibility of part rewiring.

The best way to find out whether you need rewiring in Glasgow is to have a Periodic Installation Assessment Report carried out. It is advised that you do this every five years in a commercial premises anyway, as doing so will allow you to get a detailed insight into the state of your electrics.

There is no point part rewiring the building if the entire premises has outdated or damaged electrics, so having the assessment carried out will tell you whether you can save money on rewiring in Glasgow, or if you would just be cutting corners and taking risks with a part rewiring.

For advice on rewiring in Glasgow, or questions about other electrical services, get in touch with us today.