Things to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Electrician

Does your company need a commercial electrician in Glasgow? When you have your staff to consider, you want a commercial electrician you can trust. If you don’t know what you’re looking for however, it can be a minefield.

You need someone you can rely on. If you have a problem, then it can have a detrimental impact on your business, so making sure you have a safe working environment is of paramount importance.

What Do You Want From Your Commercial Electrician?

What you need from your commercial electrician in Glasgow is important. Do you want them on a more permanent basis, for a long term contract, or perhaps for some short term goals only?

Try to establish from the beginning what you need from your commercial electricians, and what you need from them:

  • Do you need to change things in your business property to accommodate a new office or work area?

  • Will you be using your commercial electricians on a long term basis and will you be relying on them for regular maintenance and servicing?

  • What lines of communication do you want with your electrician’s team?

Choose Your Commercial Electrician in Glasgow Carefully

Make sure that when you’re choosing an electrical team, you choose someone with a good reputation and one that comes with recommendations and testimonials from previous clients.

There should also be contact details from previous clients so you can check out the recommendations in person. Is the company in question on consumer websites, do they come with an online review? It’s worth checking out.

How qualified are they?

Make sure you check out each commercial electrician has the appropriate qualifications, they should also be members of a trade, or guild. They should at least be registered with NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting).Their experience is also of great value, because yes, they may have all the qualifications in the world, but experience will be what gives them their expertise.

Check Out More Than One Commercial Electrician Company

Don’t go with the first company you come across or the first recommendations you have. Look into other companies too and look at their experience, qualifications, and recommendations.

Check Each Commercial Electrician Has Insurance

They should have liability insurance starting with at least £1 million – make sure you ask them about this.

Commercial Electrician Prices

Don’t necessarily go with the cheapest option, you want a good commercial electrician and cheap is never the best option, not where people’s lives are at stake. However, they should be able to offer a package deal if you’re going to be with them on a more permanent basis.

Always get a quote and compare it with other companies you may be considering. If you go with the cheapest you may lose out on qualifications and experience.

Speak to Them

Interview each commercial electrician in Glasgow you are interested in hiring and make sure you meet them face to face. You want to know how they’ll deliver the service you require and what they’re like to communicate with.

Planning Ahead

Make sure you plan ahead when booking services from your commercial electrician, create a list you can tick off as you go along as the work is completed. It’s also important to check that they have a guarantee that work will be carried out, and the guarantee should also include compensation should the service not meet your requirements.

GW Electrics – Commercial Electricians in Glasgow You Can Rely On

If you choose us you’ll find a team of experienced, qualified and trusted commercial electricians in Glasgow. We have client testimonials and recommendations and we are also a member of NICEIC.

We always make sure our work meets British Safety Standards 7671. Get in touch now and let’s talk about what you need from us, one of our friendly team will be more than happy to discuss it with you.