Why Choose a NICEIC Electrician in Glasgow?

If you need someone to check your electrical installations, you need an inspection of a property you’re about to move into, or you simply have an electrical problem that doesn’t feel quite right, then you’re probably looking for a reliable electrician in Glasgow.

That’s probably how you found your way on to our website. You want someone trustworthy, qualified, with plenty of experience. Someone who’s accustomed to dealing with a variety of complex electrical issues.

NICEIC – Competency in Meeting Safety Standards

How qualified is qualified? How do you know you’re hiring someone who really is everything they say they are? Well, you choose an electrician who is registered with NICEIC, like GW Electrics, and that way you know you’re dealing with someone who’s more than capable of meeting the high standards necessary to carry out work safely and efficiently.

NICEIC Building Regulations Schemes

Once electrical contractors have registered with NICEIC Building Regulations Schemes they are able to ‘self-certify’ their work with the Local Building Control Body. This is good news for you because it will save money if you need notification under the Building Regulations.

Peace of Mind

With a NICEIC registered electrician in Glasgow you’ve got peace of mind. You’ll get a first class service from a team of electrical technicians who are more than qualified to carry out any work on your property.

We know that electricity spells danger when there’s a problem. We know that you’ll be worried, even if there isn’t a problem and you just want your installations checking out, or you’re having an extension and you’re electrical installations need altering or changing, you’re bound to feel anxious. If a job isn’t done well where electricity is concerned – it can be extremely dangerous. You need to know your family are safe.

NICEIC Registered Electricians in Glasgow

Here at GW Electrics we know that you worry and we know how to reassure you, with our friendly and helpful manner, our qualifications and experience, and of course our NICEIC registered status.

If we do a job for you and you’re not happy with it, we’re duty bound to do something about it, to rectify anything you’re concerned about, and to make sure you’re satisfied with the work we’ve done before we leave. As a NICEIC registered electrician in Glasgow we have to put it right, there’s no walking away.

This guarantees you peace of mind, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your home is in safe hands.

Get in Touch With GW Electrics For Peace of Mind

Here at GW Electrics we make sure our whole team of electricians in Glasgow are NICEIC registered. This gives our potential customers confidence in our work. They know that when they hire us, we’ll do a job well done and carry out all our work using safe working practices. It doesn’t come better than that. That’s why you should always hire an NICEIC registered electrician in Glasgow, when they’re registered, you know they care about their work.