Common Electrical Hazards in the Home

In our post this week we’re going to be looking at common electrical hazards that our electricians in Glasgow come across in homes and how to avoid a potentially serious accident.

Firstly we’re going to list some of the most obvious hazards around your home:

  • Damaged wires and cords

  • Smoke Alarms that are no longer working

  • Children

  • Extension cords & leads

  • Water

We’ll take a look at each one in turn starting with:

Damaged Wires and Cords

This is something our electricians in Glasgow see a lot of.  If you have covered the wires accidentally they can overheat, and this can lead to electrical fires – make sure you keep them uncovered and away from items of clothing which can inadvertently cover the wires.

You should also look out for worn or frayed cords as this can lead to electrical shocks and fires too.

Smoke Alarms No Longer Working

It’s important to have smoke alarms in your home, but if they don’t work, then you’re on a hiding to nothing. If there’s a fire and your smoke alarm doesn’t work, then you’re unlikely to know about it until it’s too late.

Make sure you check any alarms in your home on a regular basis. If you need a new one, make sure you get a qualified electrician in Glasgow to install it for you, rather than trying to install it yourself. A good quality smoke alarm could save lives.


Never allow your children near cords, extension leads and especially around water.

Children are vulnerable and they’re also little adventurers who like to explore their world. This creates a world of hazards and potential accidents waiting to happen, and you need to do all you can to keep your children safe from harm.

Look around your home and you’ll see plenty of hidden dangers and you’ll quickly realise that many of them are on the ground. Sockets, cords, extension cords and leads – they’re easily accessible for a child.

To help, try placing a plastic plug in covers over sockets and plastic covers over outlets in case your child tries to put a finger or a toy into the socket. Remember, don’t cover cords or tape them down, as this could lead to overheating.

Extension Cords & Leads

Extension cords are for temporary use, such as for mowing the lawn, anything that’s not within easy reach. Always make sure you unplug whatever you’re using afterwards, and put the extension cord away after you’ve finished using it. The improper use of an extension cord is well known for causing accidents, so never underestimate the potential for harm.


Water and electricity do not go together, but naturally when we’ve been cooking or we’ve been in the bath we reach for the kettle, the food mixer or the hairdryer or straighteners with wet hands. This is a recipe for disaster. You must always make sure your hands are dry before you go anywhere near an electrical appliance. Keep all appliances away from sinks in the bath or kitchen. Remember to dry your feet as well as your hands.

And whatever you do, if there is an electrical fire don’t pour water over it. This may seem a natural thing to do but this can increase the flames of the fire, instead make sure you have a fire extinguisher close to hand, each and every time in an emergency. You could also use a fire blanket which you can pin up somewhere in your kitchen.

Qualified Professional Electricians in Glasgow

We hope these bits of advice are helpful to you and to helping you keep yourself and your family safe from harm. If you’re looking for a qualified electrician in Glasgow then please get in touch, we’re ready and waiting to take your call and talk you through any pressing concerns, and if you need us to take a look at anything, we’re happy to do that too.