Fixed Electrical Testing Guide

Firstly, what is fixed electrical testing and why would you need it? This is a phrase used to describe an Electrical Installation Condition Report, or an EICR as it is more widely known, which we have talked about before in a previous post.

Fixed Electrical Testing – The Reports and Their Names

It was once known as a Periodic Inspection Report, but this has now changed to the EICR, referred to above. These types of reports are usually carried out to assess the condition of the electrical systems in a domestic property or commercial building. It’s a thorough examination that will flush out any issues that might threaten the safety and well-being of its occupants. Once this is done, the electrician can make a report and state clearly what the defects and failures are, and how they should be rectified.

What happens when electrical testing is being carried out?

The report will look into earthing, bonding and make sure the supply of electricity is sufficient to meet requirements. There is a set of codes which are used to illustrate when something isn’t safe or is in an unsatisfactory condition.

  • C1 – faults which require immediate action

  • C2 – it’s in an unsatisfactory condition

  • C3 – improvements are needed.

In a domestic property the test will probably take around 2 hours but can take up to a full day. Of course you also have to take into consideration the amount of electrical circuits that will need to be tested as well as inspected.

Professional EICR Electrician in Glasgow

If you decide to choose us here at GW Electrics, you’ll be guaranteed a thorough job with no stone unturned, because your safety is our priority.

Keep in mind that while we are carrying out this important inspection, you may find that the electricity supply is a little limited – this is because we are testing it and at some point you will be required to switch off the electricity so we can inspect the fuse box and test everything as well as the main incoming earth.

Why should I have electrical testing carried out?

You may be asking yourself why do I need fixed electrical testing in Glasgow. There are important reasons why you may need to have electric testing in your home or business. They’re usually carried out on a regular basis, and the reason for this is that if there are any problems they can be identified and dealt with as soon as possible – before accidents occur.

Electrical installations grow old over time and when that happens they can become less reliable and dangerous if they’re not maintained and inspected on a regular basis.

Legislation and Health & Safety

You may not be aware that legislation requires you to make sure all your electrical installations are in a safe working condition. If you neglect this then you or anyone who is responsible for this could be prosecuted under health and safety legislation. If you’re a manager or a landlord, you are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of all occupants. You’ll also place any insurance claims at risk if you don’t ensure electrical installations are tested regularly.

Fixed Electrical Testing Certificate or Report

If someone offers you a certificate rather than a report, understand the difference. A certificate will demonstrate that an electrical installation complies with all relevant legislation. A report on the other hand will inform on the condition of an installation and whether it is fit for use.

Fixed Electrical Testing, Reports & Certificates – All From GW Electrics

If you feel that you’re home or work premises is in need of fixed electrical testing and it’s you’re responsibility to do something about it, then get in touch. We’re a team of professional electricians, both qualified and experienced and we can advise you on what’s best. We’re more than happy to go through the reporting procedure so you know what to expect.