Smoke Alarm Responsibilities for Landlords

There are many landlords need to consider when renting out property to tenants. It’s not simply a case of leaving them to get on with it once they’ve signed the contract. As a responsible landlord, you’ve probably realised this already, and you’ve been going through all the necessary paperwork so as to ensure your tenants safety for the duration of their stay.

Landlords Smoke Alarm Regulations

As you’ve been doing this, you may have realised that from 2007 the Repairing Standards made it pretty clear that there were certain rules that landlords must adhere to when renting out property, and one of these was the statutory requirement of smoke detectors in all apartments and houses.

The rules state that there has to be at least one smoke detector on each floor (if there’s more than one floor) and they must be interlinked. You may find that as a landlord, you could be committing a criminal offence if you don’t comply with these new rules.

Smoke Alarm Regulations

Smoke alarms aren’t at all difficult to install, but if you find that you can’t really manage it yourself, or you’re worried you won’t’ be able to install it adequately, then one of our technicians can install it for you. It must be an alarm that meets the British Standard 5446: Part 1 and if we are installing your smoke alarms, we will only use ones that comply with this standard.

You can pass on tips and advice to your tenants to ensure their safety while renting the property, and of course, ensure all electrical appliances you supply to them are adequately checked for safety by a qualified electrician.

Your tenants should be careful with regards to unplugging things at the end of the day, leaving heaters unattended and not leaving candles to burn alone when they’re not in the room. Hot ashtrays shouldn’t be emptied straightaway into a bin and washing shouldn’t be hung to dry over heaters.

Escape Routes, Hazards and Smoke Alarms

You should also make sure that escape routes are clear, so that in the event of a fire, your tenants can escape easily. Naturally, if you’ve installed smoke alarms, your tenants will have a much better chance of being able to escape should there be a fire.

Remember, that as the landlord you are fully responsible for ensuring adequate fire detection in your rented property by law. You also need to make sure there are no hazards preventing escape such as dangerous stairwells and exposed wiring that can cause falls and trips.

If you’re worried about any aspect of what we’ve discussed here, do get in touch and we can discuss your needs. We are a dedicated team of experienced and fully qualified professionals, and we can talk you through the need for smoke alarms and all aspects of fire safety with you.

We can also fit your smoke alarms and provide smoke alarms that are compliant with British Standards 5446: Part 1, giving both you and your tenant peace of mind. Don’t delay, get your smoke alarms fitted ASAP and make sure you’re complaint with the law, your tenants will thank you for it.