Your Guide to Burglar Alarms

For domestic and commercial customers G.W. Electrics have a versatile range of burglar alarms to suit all your needs. We’ve worked hard to ensure that all our alarms are of good quality, both durable and functional, so they work when you need them to and they never let you down.

Let us fill you in on why you should trust us to install and supply your burglar alarm systems in Glasgow.

What type of burglar alarm system is best for you?

You can either have a burglar alarm system that’s monitored by a call centre, who will call the police on your behalf once it goes off, or you can have an alarm system that calls no one, but just rings out once it’s triggered.

Both types have their advantages, and while a non-monitoring system may not be able to get in touch with anyone, it can often provide enough of a deterrent to stop would-be burglars from entering your property.

Burglar Alarm Systems That Contact a Monitoring Centre

There are different ways your burglar alarm system can contact a monitoring centre 24 hours a day. It’s just up to you to choose which one is right for you.

A Landline System

Your alarm can contact your monitoring centre via your landline connection, via your phone. What it means is that when the burglar alarm is triggered your phone will contact your chosen monitoring system. It uses a landline for the monitoring, however the system itself is wireless.

Cellular Uplink System

This is another way of communicating with your monitoring centre once your alarm has gone off. This is useful because it will still work even if your telephone lines have been cut off. It’s also much faster than landline connection.


This works by allowing your security alarm system to send a signal to your monitoring centre via a broadband connection (internet) as soon as the burglar alarm is triggered.

The advantages of this are that the broadband connection is able to send a message to your monitoring centre up to four times faster.

Monitoring Centre or Non-Monitoring Alarm System?

When you’re thinking of installing a burglar alarm system, you may want to take into consideration what you want to happen once your alarm is triggered in an emergency. Some alarms go off and send a message to a monitoring centre which we’ve just talked about, or they can be made so that once triggered they contact your friends or family, someone that you’ve nominated to receive the message.

The monitoring system will incur a monthly fee and they will either take action themselves once the burglar alarm is triggered, or get in touch with the police on your behalf.

A non-monitoring system alarm will ring out but do nothing else, it may act as enough of a deterrent on its own, and if this is the type of alarm you’d prefer, then we can provide you with one.

Do it Yourself vs Professional Installation

If you feel fairly confident in installing your burglar alarm system yourself, then we’re happy to provide you with one of our top of the range security systems, one that’s either wireless or hard wired.

On the other hand, you may feel you’re not confident or proficient enough to do this yourself. At GW Electrics, we are professional electricians and technicians and come with plenty of experience and expertise, we can install your burglar alarm systems for you, so you have peace of mind, knowing it’s been installed safely, and you and your family, or your business can feel safe. Property can be protected, precious valuables secured and your home or business premises safe from break-ins.

Burglar Alarm Systems UK

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