A Guide to Rewiring

Old and faulty electrics are a serious risk to yourself, your home, or your business. Fires or electric shocks caused by faulty wiring can have serious consequences, including injury and financial loss. Older buildings are more likely to have faulty wiring, and properties that have been flooded are also at risk of damaged electrics.

In order to fix the problem of damaged electrics, you will need your home or business to have a rewire in Glasgow.

What Does Rewiring Involve?

Rewiring in Glasgow is often an extensive process that requires removal of the old, damaged wires and replacing them with modern, safer materials. Rewiring in Glasgow can include many different tasks such as upgrading the fuse box, adding or moving hard-wired smoke detectors, and installing up to date sockets in the case of a really outdated property.

Does My Property Need Rewiring?

Any new rewiring in Glasgow has to conform to the electrical safety regulations as found in Part P of the Building Regulations. In the case of an extension, this means the rest of your property may need a rewire in Glasgow to cope with the additional power load and to make the whole property safe. Even if you aren't planning to change your property, buildings over 25 years old are likely to require at least a check up on the electrics to make sure everything is still safe. Properties wired before the 1960s are likely to be full of outdated technology and materials.

Can I Rewire My Property Myself?

You can if you are a fully qualified, experienced electrician! When it comes to electrics, the consequences of getting it wrong can be very severe. Rewiring a property is not the kind of DIY project you want to undertake in order to cut corners and save money. Leave rewiring in Glasgow to the professionals so that you know your wiring is safe.

What Do I Need To Consider When Getting My Property Rewired?

Rewiring in Glasgow can be a disruptive process. It is far less disruptive than a trip to hospital or having your building burn down, however. We look to minimise disruption in your home and make the process as smooth as possible for you. Previous wiring will need to be removed, which can mean removing flooring, skirting boards, and plaster. Rewiring needs to be done carefully, so it will take a few days. We will work in stages so as to ensure we are only in one part of your home at a time.

Professional Rewiring in Glasgow to Keep You Safe

Considering the serious risks of not checking and rewiring your electrics, it’s too dangerous to leave it and hope for the best. Get in touch with us if you are in need of a rewire in Glasgow and the surrounding areas and we will make your home or business premises safe.