What is PAT Testing and What Does it Involve?

The term PAT or (Portable Appliance Testing) is a process that is carried out in the UK on electrical appliances that may come into contact with a person or persons. This could be a tenant in a rented property, a worker or any individual visiting the property where the appliance is situated.

PAT testing should be carried out by a fully qualified electrician, for health and safety reasons, including insurance coverage.

When PAT Testing is Needed and Why

Carrying out a PAT test is an important part of running any business and an annual test is recommended, depending on the type of apparatus being used. Regular PAT testing in Glasgow can be carried out by one of our fully qualified electricians on a regular basis to ensure the safety of your workers, yourself or your tenants. The rules and regulations must be adhered to, especially when dealing with insurance cover and health and safety regulation.

What does PAT testing involve?

When one of our electricians carries out a PAT test they will initially do a visual check on cables for wear and tear, fraying or burn marks and they will also check the body of the appliance for any loose panels or screws. If these checks pass they will then continue to the next stage, which is a formal test and will examine earth continuity, insulation resistance or lead polarity.

These tests vary depending on the type of equipment and the amount of use they receive, in harsh conditions like a workshop or in the construction industry, PAT testing will be carried out on a more regular basis in these instances.

Soft PAT Testing

‘Soft’ PAT testing in Glasgow can be carried out by our team of qualified electricians and they will ensure that the correct equipment and testers are used for low current earth continuity tests on delicate IT equipment. If a standard earth test is carried out, it can damage circuits and is therefore not used.

Most modern hand held testers are capable of carrying out a soft PAT test and are always used by our team. This type of ‘soft test’ is not always carried out yearly, but this depends on the amount of use the equipment receives and its surroundings.

What Happens Once the PAT Test is Finished?

Once the equipment has finished its PAT testing our electrician will either pass or fail it. If it passes then a sticker with a bar code will be placed on the exterior and the date and relevant details will be included. If the item fails they will either carry out an immediate repair, or it will be taken away for replacement parts to be fitted and returned with the relevant pass sticker. Some equipment that you have tested might not be worth repairing, especially if it has been seriously damaged.

If you would like to have your electrical equipment PAT tested, then contact us.