Keeping Children Safe Around Electrics

Electricity can be dangerous and even more so for young children. Children are naturally curious about their environment and electric sockets, Christmas lights and wires can prove an exciting adventure for a child. What can you do to keep them safe all year round from the perils of electricity?

Firstly, you can carry out some simple precautions that will ensure the safety of your children from a potentially serious accident.

Covering sockets will give some protection from children putting their fingers in a socket, but there are further steps you can take to make sure your child isn’t in danger by investing in RCD protection. This can be used as a plug in or it can be installed in the fuse box.

When we’re busy around the house it’s easy to forget about cords but children can easily put them in their mouths, put them round their necks or pull them out of sockets. Never leave a cord plugged in and especially not switched on. Never leave white goods on all night (unless it’s a fridge/freezer) and use your RCD plug in for these items.

It is important to remember to keep appliances switched off when not in use.

Bath and Shower Time

When your children have just come out of the bath, it’s very tempting to play with items that need electricity, but there’s potential for an accident as children are slightly damp after coming out of the bath or shower. It is therefore advised that you make sure your children are thoroughly dry before they’re allowed to play with anything. Don’t let them go anywhere near plugs, switches and sockets until there 100% dry.

If children are having drinks outside of meal times, then make sure they’re not left anywhere near sockets, plugs or TVs, anything that requires electricity.

If you have a natural grass lawn then naturally you’ll be using mowers, strimmer’s and hedge cutters to keep it tidy. Here is another potential hazard. Make sure you keep an eye on your equipment when children are around and that nothing is left unattended.

Overloading of Plugs

Although extensions can help you to use more than one appliance they can be dangerous and look very exciting to a young child. Only use one plug per socket, and don’t overload them, keep them out of the reach of tiny hands.

Young children can take in basic safety message about electricity and staying safe, it also helps them to develop good memory skills. Give them safety tips and turn it into a game, they’ll enjoy it and think it’s fun, but stay safe at the same time.

Professional Electricians in Glasgow

We hope you found our safety tips for keeping children safe of value. If you have any further questions about this or any other electrical related questions, then do please give our electricians in Glasgow a call, we’re here to help. We are a professional, qualified team of Glasgow electricians and if you need any advice, or you’d like us to take a look around your home, then do get in touch