Commercial LED Lighting – What are the Benefits?

LED technology provides low energy lighting for domestic properties, but not only that, they are becoming increasingly popular in commercial industries as well as office based and industrial environments. Why would you want your commercial industry to use LED lighting? Well, in this post we’re going to discuss the benefits of commercial LED lighting and hopefully, convince you into giving them a try.

Energy Efficiency

Up to 90% of the energy in a LED light bulb produces light, and there’s only between 10 to 20% of energy that produces heat. A conventional light bulb will use up to 80% of heat while only 20% of it will produce light. Therefore, not only are LED lights more energy efficient, they’re also less hot to handle.

Is Commercial LED Lighting Cost Effective?

Yes, they are. If you were to replace all the lights in your building to LED bulbs, you’d save a lot of money long term, the difference in light and heat distribution in a bulb means that your bulbs last a lot longer than filament bulbs.

Longer Use

A LED light bulb, as we’ve seen, uses more light and produces less heat, therefore they last a lot longer than a conventional bulb. A LED light can last anything up to 50,000 hours, possibly much more. You save money because you’re not constantly replacing old bulbs. Although the initial investment may be more than a filament bulb, they will last such a long time that you’ll save money in the long term.

Versatile Voltage Options

You could use LED lights in any setting because there is such a wide range of voltage options, and that’s for work not just domestic. So whatever your business, LED lights are a great option.

LED Lights – Safe and Unique

LED light bulbs are innovative in their design as well as their functional use. They’re made of non-toxic materials with no heavy metals or chemicals, so they won’t create a potential hazard should they break. They’re cold to the touch as well so if anyone should touch them, either accidentally or intentionally, there won’t be any nasty shocks from the kind of extreme heat you get from a conventional filament bulb.

Lots of Colours to Choose From

If you have a shop floor or a workshop where potential clients come in and look around, then you obviously want to make the right impression. Unlike conventional bulbs, the LED bulb is available in a rainbow of colours, in warm shades and brighter ones. Therefore, a LED light can help you to create the right kind of ambience for your shop/workshop.

GW Electrics – Commercial LED Lighting Specialists

If you have any further questions about LED lighting and you’re still unsure about whether LED light bulbs are right for your commercial business, then get in touch with us here at GW Electrics and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.